Great way to strengthen the team -spirit and improve cooperation.


Airsoft is a fun and active military simulation sport, in which the players eliminate their opponents by shooting them with a plastic shooting ball 6 mm in size. The guns are replicas of real guns and are using gas or compressed air.


The history of Airsoft starts in the seventies in Japan, the main reason was the restriction of government to posses real guns. The first “airsoft” replicas, which were available, were based on a spring power source, later gas and AEG replicas followed. The replicas grow in popularity and soon expanded to China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Philippines, mainly because of the strict governmental regulations.  In the USA and Europe the trends and hype for “airsoft” started in the mid-nineties and grew ever since.

Airsoft rules before the battle starts:

  • Age of 18 or more or a written permission of the parents.
  • The use of protective glasses or protective mask in mandatory.
  • Only airsoft replicas allowed.
  • Pistols have to be faced down at all times.
  • Magazines shall not be in the replicas.
  • The fingers have to be off the trigger.
  • All replicas have to pass the chronograph test.
  • The shooting is only allowed in the marked area.
  • The usage of alcohol or any other psychoactive substance is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. 

The rules at the start of the battle:

  • Mandatory use of protective sunglasses or protective mask.
  • When being shoot you have to call “HIT” and move back to the designated area.
  • Following the pre-game rules.
  • Mandatory compliance with the rules of the speed of balls, that were set before the battle.
  • The testing of pistols on the terrain is not allowed.
  • Compliance with the safety distance.
  • The shooting outside the designated area is not allowed.
  • Shooting of animals or people who are not participating in the battle is not allowed.
  • You take responsibility for the actions you do.
  • Any lose of equipment should be reported to the organizer. 
  • No physical arguments or fights.
  • It is a sport activity, leave it by that. 


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